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Voya Financial Streamlines Submissions Process with Hyperscience

“Implementing Hyperscience has been a game-changer for our organization.
It has allowed us to make our submission processes faster and more efficient, saving us valuable time and resources.”


Voya Financial, a leading financial services company, faced the challenge of streamlining their submissions process to improve efficiency and reduce processing time. They needed a solution that could automate key aspects of their application process while ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Voya Financial turned to Hyperscience to address their submission challenges. Hyperscience’s hyperautomation capabilities offered the perfect solution, enabling Voya Financial to automate document identification, data extraction, data validation, and data entry into their existing system.

The Hyperscience Difference

Voya Financial implemented Hyperscience to process their submissions and enhance the efficiency of their application process. By upgrading their system with Hyperscience, they were able to achieve maximum efficiency and significantly reduce processing time.

The implementation of Hyperscience brought numerous benefits to Voya Financial. The key benefits they attribute to Hyperscience include:

  1. Time-saving: Hyperscience’s automation capabilities allowed Voya Financial to process submissions faster, saving valuable time and resources.
  2. Efficient implementation of changes: With Hyperscience, Voya Financial was able to implement new changes to their application process quickly and seamlessly.
  3. Easy navigation: Hyperscience’s user-friendly interface made it easy for Voya Financial employees to navigate and utilize the system effectively.
  4. Excellent vendor support: Voya Financial appreciated the prompt and helpful email support provided by Hyperscience. They found the vendor support to be reliable and responsive.

Working with Hyperscience technology was a positive experience for Voya Financial. They were able to learn and adapt to new technologies, such as dockers, which enhanced their skillset. The application upgrade process also served as a valuable learning curve for their team.


By leveraging Hyperscience’s hyperautomation capabilities, Voya Financial successfully streamlined their submissions process, achieving maximum efficiency and significant time savings. The implementation of Hyperscience not only improved their operational efficiency but also enhanced their overall customer experience.


Watch this short platform demo to see how Hyperscience leverages proprietary Machine Learning to extract data from complex documents.

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