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Automating the Transcription of Complex Transportation Documents

An industry leader in supply chain management identified and transcribed more than 36M data points in the last year, automating the processing of some of the most complex transportation documents in the industry—without the use of a single template.

The Challenge

This company’s manual document processing methods were too labor-intensive, inefficient, and prone to errors. Operational bottlenecks not only hindered opportunities for sustainable expansion, but also strained customer relationships.

The Impact of Manual Methods

Serving a diverse array of customers in the transportation industry, such as shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers, comes with inherent challenges. Each of these customer types generates a wide variety of documents that need to be efficiently processed, and this variation leads to longer processing times.

Data security was also a concern, especially for sensitive documents shared between specific stakeholders. As the organization looked to expand, the need for accurate and efficient processing became even more critical.

To make matters worse, previous automation efforts had fallen short of expectations. After spending more than a year configuring a former solution and receiving less than impressive results, they were ready for a change.

They needed a solution that could address two key areas:

  • Firstly, data accuracy was vital. The company had SLAs to uphold, and manual processes were resulting in missed deadlines. Higher accuracy out of the gate would ensure faster processes, fewer SLA breaches, and happier customers.
  • Next, the company wished to cut costs and training time. Data scientists and engineers proved to be cost prohibitive and difficult to find, so they needed a solution that was easy to implement and use with minimal tech expertise.

Advancing Transportation with AI

In just 30 days, Hyperscience proved it was possible to produce more accurate and future proof models, while simultaneously providing the underlying architecture for greater AI expansion in the future.

Improved data accuracy, streamlined training, and simplified technical requirements have enhanced the company’s operational effectiveness. And as they aim to further expand their services, Hyperscience’s capabilities provide a solid foundation for growth.

This collaboration with Hyperscience showcases the potential of intelligent document processing to revolutionize transportation operations. With accurate data processing, swift training, and minimal technical barriers, the organization is well positioned to capitalize on new market opportunities in the transportation industry.


Watch this short platform demo to see how Hyperscience leverages proprietary Machine Learning to extract data from complex documents.

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