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We don’t just sell off-the-shelf products, we are here to consult and improve your workflow practices, automating where appropriate and taking your company’s goals into account

Support Resources

Hyperscience Documentation

Everything you need to successfully deploy and use the Hyperscience Platform.

API Documentation

Information around how to interact with the Hyperscience API.

Flows SDK Documentation

Everything you need to build your own custom Hyperscience flows.

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If you're encountering an issue our Customer Support team are here to assist you.


Trusted Advisors from Signature to Go-Live

Consultation & Enablement

We don’t just sell off-the-shelf products, we are here to consult and improve your workflow practices, automating where appropriate and taking your company’s goals into account. Whether it’s the accuracy of one hundred documents or the speed of processing millions that matters most, we’re here to support.

Project Management

We know that implementing new solutions can be challenging, so we’ll do the heavy lifting to develop and manage the project plan for both teams. Whether procuring infrastructure (have you heard about our SaaS offering?), building layouts/models, or performing quality assurance, we’ll ensure timelines and milestones are communicated and that your time-to-value remains low.

Ongoing Customer Success

The first use-case is always the most memorable. Still, post-go-live, our Implementation team will continue working with you to uncover additional areas in your business where Hyperscience can provide excellent ROI. Your success is our success, and we take success seriously.

Our Forward Deployed Engineers Are Here To Help


Are you tired of maintaining multiple systems to manage your overall business process? Let our Forward Deployed Engineers work with you to enable those processes in the Hyperscience Platform; reducing the complexity of your end-to-end solution.


Are you interested in learning how to build Flows yourself? Our Forward Deployed Engineering team will happily meet with you to enable your internal teams to use our Flows SDK.


Do you need a little extra guidance while building a Flow? Our Forward Deployed Engineers are here to help you, and ensure that the projects you are working on are successful! Let us be your guides, evangelists, and advocates!

World Class Annotators and Builders At Your Disposal

Layout Creation

Short on time or resources? Our team of experienced Layout Creators are here to help. Leave the task of creating clean, performant layouts for your Hyperscience environment to us. You’ll never be happier.

Model Building

Don’t leave it to chance when high performance is pivotal to your business process. Our industry experts will help craft Machine Learning models that optimize automation and accuracy, ensuring you experience Hyperscience’s maximum potential.

Operational Keying Activities

Let our staff be your staff. The Hyperscience Data Processing team and our approved keying partners can augment your workforce, helping you scale operations with the Hyperscience Platform.

Mission Critical Support When You Need It Most

24X7 Critical Response

When you have a critical production issue, we’ll be there to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Multi-Channel Communication

Whether via email, customer portal, or scheduled screen share, our Support team will strive to meet you in your desired communication channel.

Expert Support Staff

With Hyperscience, you’ll always interact with an experienced agent. Driven by Hyperscience’s “one team” approach to support, you can be assured that the right expertise will be engaged in resolving your support issues.

Supported Environments

Hyperscience delivers a seamless experience from our highly secure, fully managed SaaS environment. We also support both private cloud and on-premise deployments.