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divvyDOSE Revolutionizes Document Processing with Hyperscience

“Reducing manual effort has been a game-changer for our organization. Thanks to Hyperscience, we have transformed our document processing and achieved remarkable efficiency gains.” 


divvyDOSE, a leading healthcare company, faced a significant challenge in processing incoming fax images. The manual effort required to translate these images into text was time-consuming and prone to errors. Seeking a solution to streamline their document processing, divvyDOSE turned to Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation platform.

divvyDOSE recognized the need for an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution to reduce manual effort and improve efficiency. They wanted to automate the translation of incoming fax images into text, enabling automated processing and reducing the burden on their employees.

The Hyperscience Solution 

divvyDOSE implemented Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution to revolutionize their document processing. By leveraging advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, Hyperscience enabled divvyDOSE to automate the extraction of text from fax images, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

The adoption of Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution brought significant benefits to divvyDOSE. The most notable advantage was the reduction in manual effort. By automating the translation of fax images into text, divvyDOSE eliminated time-consuming manual data entry tasks, allowing their employees to focus on more value-added activities.

divvyDOSE had an exceptional experience working with Hyperscience. The employees at Hyperscience were knowledgeable and played an active role in partnering with divvyDOSE to solve problems. The collaboration between the two organizations was seamless, ensuring a smooth implementation and successful outcomes.

divvyDOSE’s adoption of Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution has transformed their document processing operations. By reducing manual efforts, divvyDOSE has achieved remarkable efficiency gains, improving productivity and accuracy in their workflows. The automation of fax image translation has not only saved time but also reduced the risk of errors, ensuring data integrity and enhancing customer satisfaction.


divvyDOSE’s success story with Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution is a testament to the power of automation in revolutionizing document processing. By leveraging advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, divvyDOSE has significantly reduced manual effort and improved efficiency in their operations.

As organizations continue to seek ways to streamline their processes and enhance productivity, Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution offers a transformative approach. With its ability to automate document identification, data extraction, validation, and entry, Hyperscience empowers organizations to achieve remarkable efficiency gains and deliver exceptional results.


Watch this short platform demo to see how Hyperscience leverages proprietary Machine Learning to extract data from complex documents.

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