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Large Financial Institution Streamlines Document Processing with Hyperscience

“We are able to drive efficiency, reduce human errors, and focus on tasks that drive true customer differentiation.” 


A prominent financial institution, confronted the challenge of optimizing their document processing workflows. They sought a solution to complement their existing document intelligence platform and expedite their document classification roadmap. Thus, they turned to Hyperscience, a trailblazer in hyperautomation technology. Recognizing the imperative to automate document processing for enhanced efficiency and reduced errors, they aimed to harness cutting-edge technology to extract data from handwritten documents—a historically taxing and error-prone task. Consequently, they sought a solution to seamlessly integrate with their current systems, delivering precise and dependable outcomes.

The Hyperscience Solution

Hyperscience’s advanced automation capabilities seamlessly aligned with the institution’s needs. Leveraging Hyperscience’s handwriting understanding technology facilitated effortless data extraction from handwritten documents. This enabled automation of document processing workflows, significantly slashing the time and effort formerly required for manual data entry. Integration of Hyperscience yielded several pivotal benefits. Primarily, it drove efficiency by automating document processing, eliminating manual data entry, and reducing processing duration. This not only conserved valuable resources but also empowered teams to concentrate on tasks crucial to enhancing customer experience. 

Moreover, Hyperscience’s hyperautomation prowess aided the financial institution in reducing human errors within their document processing workflows. The advanced technology ensured accurate and reliable data extraction, mitigating the risk of costly errors. Consequently, this enhanced the overall quality and precision of operations, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction. Collaborating with Hyperscience proved seamless and gratifying for the financial institution. Hyperscience’s team attentively heeded their requirements and comprehended their internal vision.

Furthermore, Hyperscience’s technical team extended exceptional support during onboarding and subsequent updates. The financial institution described their collaboration with Hyperscience as a genuine partnership, characterized by transparent communication, mutual comprehension, and a shared commitment to achieving success. This partnership-centric approach guaranteed fulfillment of their specific needs, culminating in a highly satisfactory outcome.


The successful integration of Hyperscience’s hyperautomation technology into the financial institution’s document processing workflows has revolutionized their operations. Leveraging Hyperscience’s capabilities, they have attained heightened efficiency, reduced human errors, and enhanced customer differentiation. The institution’s experience underscores the efficacy of Hyperscience’s automation solutions in driving tangible business outcomes. 

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