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Revolutionizing Data Capture for a Large Insurance Provider

“Thanks to Hyperscience, we have experienced a significant decrease in the amount of time required to data enter new business applications.” 


A leading player in the insurance industry, confronted a significant challenge with their outdated Capture software – poor handwriting recognition. This issue prompted them to seek a solution capable of streamlining their data capture process and enhancing efficiency. Enter Hyperscience, a pioneering company in hyperautomation technology.

The Insurance Provider grappled with the laborious task of manually capturing data from individual health and life insurance applications, along with certain health claims. The presence of poor handwriting on these documents exacerbated the process, making it both time-consuming and error-prone. Consequently, they required a solution capable of automating data capture accurately and efficiently.

The Hyperscience Solution

Implementing Hyperscience’s hyperautomation solution, the Large Insurance Provider revolutionized their data capture process. Harnessing advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, Hyperscience facilitated the automation of document identification, data extraction, validation, and entry.

The impact of Hyperscience’s intervention was profound. The Large Insurance Provider experienced a substantial reduction in the time required to enter new business applications. Hyperscience’s highly accurate automation of data identification and extraction elevated their efficiency to unprecedented levels. Moreover, the solution’s capability to decipher messy handwriting and handle low-quality documents eliminated the necessity for manual keying, thereby reducing errors and enhancing overall accuracy.

Collaborating with Hyperscience proved seamless and fruitful for the Insurance Provider. Hyperscience offered invaluable support throughout the platform setup and initial process deployment. They continued to collaborate closely with the Insurance Provider, comprehending their unique business requirements and incorporating enhancements to the product based on their feedback. The Hyperscience team remained consistently helpful, courteous, and responsive to support tickets.


The partnership between the Insurance Provider and Hyperscience has changed their data capture process, resulting in significant time savings and heightened accuracy. By leveraging Hyperscience’s hyperautomation solution, they streamlined their operations and overcame the challenges posed by poor handwriting recognition. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and its positive ramifications for large-scale organizations.

To discover how Hyperscience’s hyperautomation solution can revolutionize your data capture process. Experience the same level of efficiency and accuracy that the Large Insurance Provider achieved, and propel your organization’s operations to new heights with Hyperscience.


Watch this short platform demo to see how Hyperscience leverages proprietary Machine Learning to extract data from complex documents.

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