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Global Investment & Insurance Company Scales for Growth

August 15 2022

Founded 150 years ago, this global financial investment management and insurance company has over $1 billion in operating income. With more than 19 million customers across 70+ countries, the firm serves governments, institutions, businesses and individuals.

The firm’s legacy SaaS systems were limiting their ability to scale and tackle delays in responsiveness to customers, creating a data backlog. They were unable to capture handwritten text, had high error rates, and lacked the resources needed to set-up a new document type.

Why Hyperscience

After evaluating options, the scalability and intuitive user interface of Hyperscience stood above the rest.

The easy-to-use interface, which is designed for even the least-technical business users, allowed the team to set up new layouts to run tests and experiments on their own for new use cases across different business units.

Hyperscience’s solution enabled greater automation and accuracy over time with limited manual work and oversight.

Results Delivered

The company was able to increase page volume by 3,000%, or 30x, within the first three months it was live.

They now have a layout in Hyperscience that automatically extracts the necessary data and uses the output to automate routing downstream. The benefit of automated processing has already impacted efficiency, allowing them to bring in more business.

With Hyperscience the company was able to scale and have since launched 3 additional use cases for structured dental claims, packets for plan request forms and investment suitability envelopes – with more planned over the next year, including voluntary pension savings forms handwritten and typed in Spanish.

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