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Global BPO Leader Transforms Operations and Achieves Significant Cost Savings

January 10 2024

As a Digital Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) leader, this company is entrusted by Fortune 100 companies and over 600 government and transportation agencies. Their solutions, powered by expertise and advanced technologies, create exceptional outcomes by enhancing customer experiences, improving performance, and reducing costs on a global scale.

The Challenge

The company initially grappled with internal challenges related to extraction processes, specifically in handling handwritten and unstructured documents. The need to find a vendor capable of addressing these challenges led to extensive testing of various solutions, including two other vendors. Hyperscience emerged as the preferred choice due to its user-friendly interface, outshining other platforms in terms of maturity.

The Solution

Upon adopting Hyperscience, the company witnessed significant efficiency gains. Tasks that previously took six months with other vendors were completed in a mere three weeks during the Proof of Concept (POC) phase, underscoring Hyperscience’s speed and efficiency. The emphasis on fine-tuning, achieving 100% quality assurance, and remarkable accuracy measurements played a crucial role in the decision to partner with Hyperscience in 2019.

In 2020, the project initially focused on semi-structured and handwriting extraction. However, Hyperscience’s outstanding performance in handwriting accuracy prompted a strategic shift to structured forms, including UB, HIPAA, and Dental. This decision, made in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulted in substantial cost savings of $4 million within six weeks. The solution was successfully deployed in nine major healthcare companies.

The Impact

The impact of choosing Hyperscience was profound. The rapid completion of the project not only saved $4 million but also allowed for the reallocation of the workforce to more value-added tasks. The solution’s successful deployment across nine major healthcare companies contributed to an impressive revenue of $2.95 million. Today, the company is actively engaged in 15 accounts, showcasing the lasting impact of Hyperscience on its operations and financial success.

Watch this short platform demo to see how Hyperscience leverages proprietary Machine Learning to extract data from complex documents.

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