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CI Financial Streamlines Manual Processing with Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation Solution

“Using Hyperscience has transformed our manual processing into automation, giving us more time to focus on our business and enhancing the client experience.” 


CI Financial, a leading financial services company, faced the challenge of manual processing for a wide range of financial and non-financial transactions. With a multitude of structured and semi-structured documents, including handwritten and digital forms, the company needed a solution that could streamline their processes and optimize efficiency. That’s when they turned to Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution.

Old Challenges and Roadblocks

Previously, CI Financial had invested heavily in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline rules-based tasks. However, they encountered a significant roadblock when dealing with unstructured document data, such as PDFs and images. For instance, within the financial advisor group, agents spent roughly 15 minutes manually processing each case, which involved reading, processing, and transcribing various documents.

Why Hyperscience

Recognizing the limitations of RPA, CI Financial sought a solution that could handle diverse document types, including handwritten text, with a high level of accuracy and automation. Hyperscience emerged as the ideal choice due to its ability to read unstructured data effectively, including messy handwriting and low-quality scans. Moreover, Hyperscience’s solution aligned with CI Financial’s security needs, allowing deployment within their infrastructure without internet connectivity and ensuring full control over their data.

The Hyperscience Solution

By implementing Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution, CI Financial experienced a transformation in their document processing capabilities. Hyperscience’s advanced AI and machine learning capabilities enabled automated document identification, data extraction, validation, and entry into existing systems. This streamlined approach replaced manual processing, saving valuable time and resources while minimizing errors.

Results Delivered

The combination of RPA and Hyperscience’s platform resulted in a 60% reduction in the time it took agents to process case documents. This efficiency gain allowed agents to allocate more time to activities that contribute to providing the best customer experience. Additionally, Hyperscience’s machine learning capabilities ensured adaptability to changing document layouts, further enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

With Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution in place, CI Financial witnessed several significant benefits:

  • Streamlined Processes: Manual processing was replaced with automation, eliminating time-consuming data entry tasks and optimizing the entire workflow.
  • Enhanced Client Experience: Faster processing times and reduced errors led to improved client satisfaction and loyalty, as clients received services promptly and accurately.
  • Optimized Efficiency: Minimized human errors resulted in enhanced operational efficiency, reducing the need for manual intervention.
  • Reduced Process Timing: Automation of data extraction and entry significantly reduced transaction processing times, enabling CI Financial to serve clients more efficiently.


CI Financial’s partnership with Hyperscience has revolutionized their manual processing, leading to improved efficiency and client satisfaction. By leveraging Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution, CI Financial has streamlined operations, reduced errors, and optimized processes. This success underscores the transformative power of AI and machine learning in the financial services industry, highlighting the importance of adapting innovative technologies to meet evolving business needs.

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