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AI-Led Automation For

Automate complex insurance processes to accelerate claims processing, enrollment & underwriting, and account servicing to better serve your customers

Documents are sent to Hyperscience via integration with existing systems


Each document is identified and classified into the corresponding document types


Data is extracted from documents, inc. structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats

Case Collation

Where required a new case is created, referencing the corresponding case number


Use out of the box or bespoke workflows to act on extracted data i.e. enrichment, validation, redaction

Hyperscience integrates out-of-the-box with your existing systems to ensure accurate, actionable data flows downstream


Human in the Loop


Claims Processing

The Hyperscience Platform can automatically classify and extract critical information across various forms and document types. It is then able to validate submitted information against master data, confirm line items sum to total charges and then package and send a claim for approval or further review.

Enrollment & Underwriting

The Hyperscience Platform automatically classifies diverse documents including life insurance applications, medical exam questionnaires, accompanying regulatory disclosures, and supporting information, freeing up resources for enhanced decision making and customer-facing activities.

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QBE Insurance Increase Claims Processing by 80%

Combining human judgement with AI has allowed QBE to remain competitive and deliver high quality customer service

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Global Insurance Provider Users AI to Help 62M Clients

Using Hyperscience, the company significantly reduced the need for manual data entry across multiple use cases

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Fortune 500 Insurer Reduces Processing Times by 85%

With AI-led automation employees process and respond to customers five times faster

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Insurance Giant Slashes Forms Handling Times

Insurer reduces forms handling times by 70% elminating almost 30 minutes of data entry time in each transaction

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