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QBE Insurance Increases Claim Processing Speeds by 80%

March 10 2023

QBE Insurance was founded in 1886 with the goal of giving early Australian pioneers a safeguard against uncertainty. Though the world has certainly changed in the last century and a half, QBE’s mission has not.

80% Faster Claims Processing

For those experiencing adversity, the last thing they need is a lengthy or delayed claim payout. With help from Hyperscience, QBE was able to decrease claim processing times by 80%.

Combining human judgement with artificial intelligence not only helps QBE stay competitive in the insurance industry, but also demonstrates their commitment to delivering high-quality service to their customers.

“It’s allowed us to start processing documents like claim forms and invoices in 20% of the time that it took to do manually.”

Jim Kinzie, Global Claims Transformation Lead

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