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Foresters Financial Revolutionizes Data Entry and Workflow with Hyperscience

“Using Hyperscience has allowed us to redeploy our resources to more client-focused and value-added tasks.”


For over 150 years, Foresters Financial has been a pillar in the financial services sector, specializing in life insurance solutions that prioritize the long-term financial health and security of families. However, like many organizations, Foresters Financial faced the challenge of allocating valuable resources to low-value input work, such as manual data entry of demographics.

The Challenge

Recognizing the need to optimize their operations, Foresters Financial sought to streamline their document indexing and data entry processes. These processes were critical for generating workflow tasks and inputting New Business applications into their source systems. However, the manual nature of these tasks was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Their objective was clear: eliminate manual tasks to allow employees to focus on more critical client-centric activities.

The Hyperscience Solution

To address this challenge, Foresters Financial turned to Hyperscience’s cutting-edge hyperautomation technology. By implementing Hyperscience’s platform, Foresters Financial revolutionized their data entry and workflow processes. The intuitive user interface and advanced automation capabilities of Hyperscience played a pivotal role in achieving remarkable results.

By automating non-value added work functions, Foresters Financial could reallocate their workforce to more client-focused and value-added tasks. This not only enhanced operational efficiency but also significantly improved the overall client experience.

Furthermore, Foresters Financial praised the expertise and support provided by the Hyperscience team throughout the implementation process and ongoing assistance whenever needed. The seamless integration of Hyperscience technology into their existing systems, coupled with its accuracy and efficiency, exceeded their expectations.

Results and Conclusion

Foresters Financial’s partnership with Hyperscience has transformed their data entry and workflow processes, optimizing operations and enhancing client satisfaction. By automating low-value input work, they unlocked the potential of their workforce, redirecting efforts toward more meaningful tasks.

The experience of Foresters Financial with Hyperscience showcases great promise, with the benefits seen so far prompting an eagerness to expand investment in the platform. As Foresters Financial continues to leverage Hyperscience’s capabilities, they are confident in their ability to provide superior service to their clients.

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