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AI-led Automation for
Account Opening and KYC

Improve customer experience and operational efficiency with an AI-led automation solution to make your account opening and KYC processes smarter, faster and more efficient.

Applicants email essential documents: application form, driver's license, and proof of address


Attachments are classified into the corresponding document types


Relevant data is identified and transcribed into machine readable text


Document data is validated against internal CRM and other business rules, such as address validation, date of utility bill within 90 days


Sentiment analysis of the applicant’s email identifies negative sentiment, providing an opportunity for customer service outreach

The completed application is approved or rejected, and the customer is informed of the outcome




The process of opening a new account is very data-heavy, relying on information provided on multiple documents formats. It involves many steps, and is heavily regulated. A quick and frictionless digital onboarding experience is now crucial for competitiveness and customer loyalty.


Increase Operational Efficiency

Automatically extract and validate data from any document to open accounts quicker, with seamless human-AI collaboration.

Enhance Customer Experience

Let AI handle complexity and high volumes, reducing delays and friction for a smoother onboarding journey.

Trust Your Results and Reduce Risks

Our proprietary AI models are trained to understand your business and ensure the accuracy of data, lowering risks.

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CI Financial Streamlines Account Opening

See how CI Financial transformed its inefficient manual account opening process and increased automation rates to over 98% and boosted processed documents by 253%.

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TD Ameritrade Quadruples Throughput Within the First 4 Weeks

See how TD Ameritrade was able to double processing speed with fewer data keyers, quadrupling throughput within the first month.

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Cornèr Banca Streamlines Data Processing with Enterprise AI

See how Cornèr Banca optimized their workforce by removing the need for slow and error-prone data entry.

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Foresters Financial Leans into AI-Powered Automation for Increased Efficiency

See how Foresters Financial automates document processing freeing up staff to focus on customer-facing activities.

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