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Cornèr Banca Streamlines Data Processing with Enterprise AI

October 5 2023

Cornèr Banca is an independent private Swiss banking group offering a full range of products and services that meet the requirements of private, business, and institutional clients.

The Problem

Cornèr Banca’s manual methods for gathering and processing data from incoming paper documents took too much time. They needed to accelerate the process, and needed a solution that would support this acceleration.

The Solution

Cornèr Banca routes their inbound mail through Hyperscience for data extraction, sending accurate data and a PDF version of the documents to their BPM system.

The Results

While ramping up did require time investment in configuring templates and tuning for target SLAs, Corner Banca found Hyperscience’s staff very professional during onboarding.

The use of Hyperscience to automate document digitization allowed Corner Banca to use the power of AI to manage human error and resize the resources previously needed for manual data entry.

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