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Cornèr Banca Streamlines Data Processing with Enterprise AI

“Hyperscience reduced the time to gather and process data from paper documents.” 


Cornèr Banca, a leading financial institution, faced a significant challenge in gathering and processing data from paper documents. The manual methods they employed were not only time-consuming but also prone to human error, leading to delays and inefficiencies. Seeking a solution to streamline their operations, Cornèr Banca turned to Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution.

The Challenge

Cornèr Banca’s manual methods for gathering and processing data from incoming paper documents took too much time. They needed to accelerate the process and required a solution that could support this acceleration. The manual process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, impacting the efficiency of their operations.

The Hyperscience Solution

Cornèr Banca implemented Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution to automate their data processing tasks. By routing their inbound mail through Hyperscience for data extraction, Cornèr Banca sent accurate data and a PDF version of the documents to their BPM system. This implementation significantly reduced the time it took to gather and process data from paper documents, addressing the challenges of manual processing.

By leveraging Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution, Cornèr Banca experienced several key benefits:

  • Resource Resizing: The automation of data processing tasks eliminated the need for manual intervention, allowing Cornèr Banca to resize their resources effectively. This reallocation of resources resulted in cost savings and improved operational efficiency.
  • Error Management: With the implementation of AI-powered automation, Cornèr Banca effectively managed human errors. The solution’s accuracy in data extraction and validation minimized the risk of errors, ensuring reliable and precise data processing.

The Results

Cornèr Banca had a positive experience working with Hyperscience’s technology. While ramping up did require time investment in configuring templates and tuning for target SLAs, Corner Banca found Hyperscience’s staff very professional during onboarding. The technology provided the necessary tools to streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

The use of Hyperscience to automate document digitization allowed Corner Banca to use the power of AI to manage human error and resize the resources previously needed for manual data entry. Working with Hyperscience’s employees and partners was a professional experience. The team demonstrated expertise and professionalism throughout the implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition and successful integration of the Hyperautomation solution.


Cornèr Banca’s partnership with Hyperscience and the implementation of their Hyperautomation solution revolutionized data processing within the organization. By automating key tasks, Cornèr Banca significantly reduced the time it took to gather and process data from paper documents, leading to improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

The success of Cornèr Banca’s implementation of Hyperscience’s Hyperautomation solution is a testament to the power of automation in transforming business operations. By leveraging AI and machine learning, organizations can streamline processes, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency.

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