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Investment Firm Eliminates Manual Processes with AI-Powered Automation

This financial services firm’s mission is to champion individuals’ goals with passion and integrity. Through their focus on client-centric innovation, education, and an unwavering commitment to service, they help people own their financial futures—and build lasting relationships along the way.

The Problem

This investment firm struggled with inefficient, inaccurate data extraction from paper documents. Manual data entry was slow and error-prone. With scalability in mind, they needed a solution that was more reliable and could handle millions of documents annually.

The Solution

The company implemented Hyperscience for document digitization and data extraction. To streamline their document processing in critical workflows like account opening, Hyperscience’s AI powers document classification, data extraction, and routing.

The Results

By implementing Hyperscience, this organization increased scalability substantially, even when processing complex document types that previously caused issues. Automating manual data entry sped up their document processing efficiency, and workloads were optimized by shifting data extraction entirely to Hyperscience’s Enterprise AI platform.

This end-to-end automation also streamlined the firm’s broader operational processes related to paper forms. Employees at this firm described the workflow optimization and workload shifting enabled by Hyperscience as “a huge win with ROI.” Given these benefits, the firm plans to expand their use of Hyperscience to additional business cases going forward.

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