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Canada Life Cuts Costs, Boosts Efficiency of Document Processing

October 5 2023

Canada Life provides insurance, wealth management, and healthcare benefit products and services. For more than 175 years, customers have trusted Canada Life to provide for their financial security needs.

The Challenge

Canada Life was faced with costly and inefficient document processing. Scanned invoices were sent through email and dumped into their content management system, and it took several people to manage the high volume of handwritten documents they received. They needed to do things faster and cheaper.

The Solution

They discovered their solution in Hyperscience’s Enterprise AI Platform, where they found an easy to use UI to create layouts and configure necessary parameters.

Hyperscience connects to their content management system via API to retrieve multi-page client forms and sends structured outputs to Canada Life’s downstream systems. This includes extracting data from client forms and integrating it with a software bot to update legacy systems.

The Results

For Canada Life, the benefits have been substantial. Automating the processing of handwritten forms has significantly reduced labor costs, and the streamlined workflows have helped cut per-unit costs as well.

Given these benefits and the helpful experience provided by Hyperscience’s responsive support teams, Canada Life plans to expand their use of Hyperscience in the future.

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