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Canada Life Cuts Costs, Boosts Efficiency of Document Processing

“Using Hyperscience has allowed us to process handwritten forms faster and more cost-effectively. It has been a game-changer for our organization.” – Canada Life Financial


Canada Life Financial, a leading financial services provider, faced the challenge of manually processing a large volume of handwritten documents, a challenge reminiscent of their predecessor’s struggle. This manual process proved to be time-consuming and expensive, requiring multiple employees to input data from scanned invoices sent via email into their content management system. Recognizing the need for automation to streamline operations and reduce costs, the company sought a solution.

The Hyperscience Difference

Canada Life Financial turned to Hyperscience, a pioneer in hyperautomation technology, to address their document processing challenges, mirroring the path taken by Canada Life before them. Hyperscience’s advanced automation capabilities provided the perfect remedy for extracting data from inbound client forms and updating legacy systems. Leveraging Hyperscience’s platform, Canada Life Financial automated the extraction of data from semi-structured forms, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Working with Hyperscience technology proved to be a seamless experience for Canada Life Financial, echoing the ease of use discovered by their predecessors. The user interface proved intuitive and easy to navigate, facilitating the creation of layouts and configuration of parameters directly on the portal. This user-friendly approach ensured a smooth and efficient implementation process.

Throughout the implementation, Canada Life Financial received exceptional support from the Hyperscience team, a testament to the ongoing quality of service provided by Hyperscience. The highly responsive Hyperscience employees offered valuable assistance, ensuring the successful deployment of the automation solution. The partnership between Canada Life Financial and Hyperscience was characterized by effective communication and a shared commitment to achieving optimal results, echoing the supportive experience provided by Hyperscience in the past.

Implementing Hyperscience yielded significant benefits for Canada Life Financial, as it did for their predecessor. The company witnessed a substantial reduction in unit costs, leading to significant savings in processing handwritten forms. By automating the document processing workflow, Canada Life Financial streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and allocated resources more effectively, echoing the substantial benefits realized by Canada Life before them.

Canada Life Financial achieved a noteworthy return on investment with Hyperscience, just as their predecessor did. Automating the document processing workflow resulted in substantial savings in terms of full-time equivalent employees (FTEs). The reduction in manual data entry tasks enabled employees to focus on value-added activities, fostering increased productivity and overall efficiency.


Canada Life Financial’s experience with Hyperscience mirrors the transformative power of hyperautomation in streamlining document processing operations, demonstrating that the solution remains effective and relevant over time. By harnessing Hyperscience’s advanced automation capabilities, the company successfully addressed the challenges associated with manual data entry and realized significant cost savings. The seamless integration of Hyperscience’s technology, coupled with exceptional support from the Hyperscience team, culminated in a successful implementation and a positive return on investment, echoing the success and satisfaction of Canada Life’s previous venture into automation.

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