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Hyperscience Delivers Native AI Infrastructure to Austere Military Environment, ‘DDIL’

June 15 2023

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Hyperscience, a provider of enterprise infrastructure for artificial intelligence solutions, announced that its award winning platform is fully deployed in a secure ‘DDIL’ (Denied, Disrupted, Intermittent, and Limited bandwidth) environment.

In the past few years, the Department of Defense has led a cross-service joint working group focused on giving military personnel access to modern collaboration and productivity technologies in a DDIL environment. Today’s technologies—commonly connected to cloud infrastructure—need to work in the most austere military environments. These conditions are regularly low bandwidth, high latency, and experience frequent disconnects from the secure broader network when operated at the extreme edge.

When operating seamlessly within the DDIL environment, solutions like Hyperscience solve a massive challenge for the military. Hyperscience delivers AI-driven automation while ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized entities. By providing a DDIL solution, Hyperscience eliminates the need to train, fine tune, or supervise sensitive data in the cloud—unlike other AI solutions that require constant connectivity and compute in the cloud. This approach aligns with the military’s stringent security protocols and commitment to data protection.

“Hyperscience is disrupting the status quo by deploying enterprise AI to handle specific tasks in complex environments,” said Hyperscience CEO Andrew Joiner. “We’re proving that AI can solve mundane tasks with 99.5% accuracy and automation, even in the farthest reaches of an organization. There’s no longer a need to burden valuable personnel, especially those in the military with managing paper logs and checklists. We can now leave that to AI. It’s a new frontier for all.”

About Hyperscience

At Hyperscience, we believe that the dawn of AI represents tremendous potential for enterprises to transform their operations and unlock new levels of efficiency and insight. Our mission is to bring the opportunity of AI to the enterprise, empowering our customers to automate their most complex, mission-critical processes with ease. We’re committed to delivering solutions that not only meet the highest standards of performance, but also inspire trust and confidence in our customers.

Hyperscience is relied upon by the world’s most respected organizations such as Mars, The United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Guardian Life, The International Rescue Committee, and HM Revenue and Customs. Hyperscience is backed by leading investors including Bessemer Venture Partners, Stripes, FirstMark, Battery and Tiger Global.