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Turn Documents Into Data

We help businesses process documents and extract valuable data insights more intelligently than ever before.

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Tell Your Documents to Get With the Times

By leveraging our powerful, Machine Learning solution, your organization can quickly and accurately index and extract information from any document to feed structured data into downstream systems. Reduce your dependency on costly, manual processes, improve customer service, and drive new business with HyperScience.

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Decrease Costs
Decrease Costs

Automate up to 95% of document processing, reducing repetitive, low-value tasks and the associated overhead costs.

Get More Data
Get More Data

Extract handwritten, cursive and printed text with higher accuracy than ever before, mitigating the risks associated with poor data.

Drive Revenue
Drive Revenue

Increase throughput by up to 5x, resulting in faster response times, better customer service, and increased revenue.

Industries & Customers We Serve

Example: Account Opening Form

  • Classify and extract data from account opening and maintenance forms, mortgage applications, KYC, tax forms and more.
  • What this means for customers: Timely access to a financial account after someone close has passed.

Example: Disability Form

  • Extract data from life insurance applications, auto accident claims, change of beneficiary forms or annuity account forms with ease.
  • What this means for customers: Time-sensitive payouts for an injured individual who cannot work and needs benefits to cover basic monthly expenses.

Example: HCFA Form

  • Classify and extract data from sensitive patient intake forms, enrollment documents, insurance claims and supporting materials with exceptional accuracy and automation.
  • What this means for customers: Critical benefits and care to those who need it most.

Example: Employment Application

  • Improve document processing and data extraction across medicare claims forms, IRS tax forms, social security documentation, and more.
  • What this means for constituents: Faster processing times and improved peace of mind, whether it’s for visa applications or disability claims pay-outs.

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