AI will do the work you don’t want to.

HyperScience is an artificial intelligence company specializing in the automation of office work for Global 2000 companies and government organizations. Our machine learning software takes over menial work that people are doing today and frees employees to focus on more complex tasks.

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A smarter back office.

  • HS Forms

    Eliminate data entry work entirely

    Organizations that receive a high volume of documents, such as change of address forms or invoices, can reduce or eliminate human touch points by reading a document—whether typed or handwritten—and automatically extracting structured content. HS Forms can significantly expedite processing time, resulting in increased client satisfaction and millions of dollars in savings.

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  • HS Freeform

    Instantaneously process any customer communication

    When a customer writes in with a request, a letter of instruction for example, a person has to read it, figure out what the customer wants, and then determine whether they’ve provided all the necessary information to process their request. HS Freeform seamlessly reads the text (handwritten or typed) and determines what to do with it, speeding up your processing time significantly.

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  • HS Evaluate

    Application evaluation software that learns over time.

    Reviewing applications—like insurance claims—requires time, skill, and judgment. HS Evaluate doesn’t require a complex set of rules to be configured and instead rapidly learns how to make decisions based on historical data. That allows it to accurately automate the application review process and evaluate various outlying factors, similar to the way a human does.

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Increased productivity in the public and private sectors.

HyperScience has been delivering robust AI solutions to governments or Global 2000 companies since 2013.


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