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Turn your documents into machine-readable data

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Real world applications

HyperScience processes structured and semi-structured documents, helping organizations streamline complex processes.

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Automate data entry teams

Deliver faster turnaround times for customers by reducing backend processing time by over 75%.

Straight-through invoice processing

Extract key details from invoices to automatically identify and process low-dollar, high-volume claims.

Compliance-driven data reconciliation

Unlock, index, and reconcile critical customer data trapped in disparate document repositories.

Work smarter, not harder.

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Out-of-the-box performance.

Pre-trained, proprietary models built into the solution deliver streamlined operations and cost savings from day one.

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Continuous improvement.

Simple exception handling tasks double as feedback for tuning the underlying models to perform even better on your data.

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Deployment in days.

Straightforward on-premise deployments happen in just a few days – no more waiting for weeks to get set up and see results.

At QBE, we’ve spent a great deal of time figuring out how we can strategically deploy artificial intelligence in practical use cases to drive immediate value for business. We see HyperScience as an important partner in our transformation to a more efficient, data driven enterprise.

We deliver real value for our customers

Case Study #1

A global financial services company used HyperScience to process account opening and maintenance forms at 4X throughput with no change in headcount, resulting in:

  • Dollar iconlowered cost
  • Clock iconreduced response time
  • Smily iconimproved customer satisfaction
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Case Study #2

Find out how a top investment services company completed a critical data reconciliation project ahead of their compliance deadline with the following results:

  • 2Xprocessing speed
  • 50%fewer data keyers
  • 4xincrease in throughput
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Turn your documents into data

Our mission is to automate data entry. Organizations have had to rely on manual data entry to continuously ingest and understand their incoming documents. Our customers use HyperScience to translate human-readable content into machine-readable data, allowing them to do business better, faster, and cheaper.

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