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Mars Inc. Scales & Streamlines Business Processes

March 21 2023

For over a century, Mars, Inc. has been driven by the belief that the world they want tomorrow starts with how they do business today. With a focus on the future, the business set its sights on sustainability and scalability.

Faster SLAs, Happier Customers

When surges in order volume led to delays in customer communications and breached SLAs, Mars, Inc. looked to the power of artificial intelligence.

With help from Hyperscience, Mars, Inc. scales and streamlines business processes with confidence and accuracy, improving compliance and customer satisfaction while saving time and money.

“The most important thing for us was actually the human in the loop concept—The UI Hyperscience provides makes it really easy for our associates to go in and annotate and train the models so they can continue to learn and improve.”

Adeel Fudda, VP Intelligence Automation and Emerging Technologies, Mars, Inc.

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