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The Role of CX in the Age of Automation

August 18 2020

3 min read

We sat down with our Customer Experience team, led by VP Jon-Marc Patton, to discuss the role of CX in the age of automation, best practices for CX and the importance of utilizing customer subject matter experts to drive sustained success. Hear what they had to say below.

When it comes to customer success, we have three best practices we follow:

  1. Understand what success really means to customers at various levels of the organization. For example, for the data keying teams, that may mean a clean, easy-to-use UI that requires just a few clicks to accomplish exception-handling tasks. To the executives, it may mean a reliable and scalable platform with high degrees of accuracy that they can trust.
  2. A positive customer experience is cumulative. Each interaction throughout the customer journey adds to or subtracts from a great outcome. Customer Success Managers have to keep track of many moving parts that require coordination between multiple internal departments and the customer. It is important to remain aware and proactive to prevent action items from falling through cracks and miscommunication during handoffs.
  3. Customer Success requires a proactive approach to serving customers and implementing continuous improvement initiatives. We regularly meet with our clients to keep them informed about new product releases and how it will impact them and improve their outcome and experience, as well as to gather input on future product features. We also monitor their usage, accuracy and automation metrics to ensure they are meeting their goals and getting the most out of the product.

Part of achieving the above includes relying heavily on client subject matter experts [SMEs] during – and after – the implementation process. They are our finger on the pulse of the use case and allow us to understand the existing state and the problems that they are trying to solve. This is essential to outlining and delivering on that future state vision, and it allows us to better partner with our clients to ensure a successful implementation.

Oftentimes, we come into a customer through an automation or innovation team and the exposure to the business unit subject matter experts can be an eye-opening experience. During one customer kick-off, a head developer from the automation team was in complete shock as he watched an associate open 5 different applications just to process the first form that popped up! He was convinced that the example must have been a difficult edge case, but it turned out to be one of their simplest forms. The subject matter experts from our clients teams are our partners; they don’t just help us implement our solution, but they also help their colleagues better understand the pain points in their own businesses.

We’ve worked with a lot of automation teams and business units who come to Hyperscience after a bad experience with technology that either completely failed or didn’t deliver anything near the results that they were promised. Operational transformation isn’t easy, particularly for businesses that have been operating the same way for decades, so a CX partner is vital for paradigm-shifting work.

Each enterprise has its own internal systems, legacy workflows, mandates, and regulations, and there is no silver bullet solution. That is why a good CX team can mean the difference between a successfully automated process and one that breaks or fails to live up to its goals. By working with the customer to understand not just where they’re looking to eliminate manual work, rework redundancies or reduce errors with automation, but what larger value they’re looking to create as a company (whether that’s a digital employee experience or more time to innovate new products), we can help them successfully introduce and unlock the power of AI, ML and automation within their org. By taking a consultative approach and providing strategic assistance, we make sure that we’re providing real value to our customers’ business.

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