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AI-led Automation For
US Public Sector

Automate the slowest, most dated document-heavy processes to reduce data backlog, improve response times, and drive better outcomes

Documents are sent to Hyperscience via integration with existing systems


Each document is identified and classified into the corresponding document types


Data is extracted from documents, inc. structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats

Case Collation

Where required a new case is created, referencing the corresponding case number


Use out of the box or bespoke workflows to act on extracted data i.e. enrichment, validation, redaction

Hyperscience integrates out-of-the-box with your existing systems to ensure accurate, actionable data flows downstream


Human in the Loop


Reduce Data Backlog

Automate complex document processes from input to actionable data with minimal human intervention, improving resource allocation and speeding constituent response times.

Improve Citizen Response Times

Leverage state-of-the-art ML to improve throughput without sacrificing accuracy, so you can better allocate employee & agency resources, and drive better citizen experiences and agency outcomes.

Minimize Risks

Hyperscience deploys on-premise, in your private cloud or physical servers, ensuring complete control over data. We operate with standard ports and protocols, and utilize baselined Linux VM images.

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Federal Agency Automates Benefit Claims Processing

The agency is saving $45 million a year and have helped more than 800 employees find greater purpose in their work

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