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AI-Led Automation With
Hyperscience and Salesforce

Unlock business-critical insights from your documents and speed up account and case management at scale

An out-of-the-box 'Salesforce listener' monitors and automatically retrieves documents from Salesforce


Each document is identified and classified into the corresponding document types


Hyperscience handles the extraction from all email attachments

Task Notification

Users can see and perform Hyperscience supervision tasks within Salesforce


Using out of the box or bespoke workflows extracted data is enriched

With Hyperscience Salesforce Notifier, you can easily map extracted data to any Salesforce object to improve data integrity


Human-in-the-Loop Exception Handling


Extract Valuable Data Insights

Hyperscience extends Salesforce’s functionality by leveraging state-of the-art ML to classify, extract, and enrich data from any document, including handwritten, machine-printed, or highly distorted documents.

Increase Operational Efficiency

By eliminating the manual error-prone handling of documents and data entry with Hyperscience, Salesforce users can concentrate on high-value work and completing their work faster, with greater accuracy.

Enrich Your Data

Hyperscience enables Salesforce customers to automatically enrich Salesforce records to improve data integrity and search results.

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"We went from 5 month turnaround times to just 2 weeks thanks to our ability to process mail faster. Our backlog has never been lighter!"

Head of Operations, Citizen-facing agency

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