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AI-led Automation For
Text Redaction

Redact sensitive information from any document with cutting-edge AI trained to understand your business—protecting privacy and reducing risk.

Documents with sensitive information are sent to Hyperscience


Each document is classified into the corresponding document types e.g. claim form, travel invoice


Handwritten and typed documents are accurately transcribed into machine readable text

Named Entity Recognition

Identifies sensitive information in the documents such as names, addresses, and social security numbers


Sensitive fields are masked to protect personally identifiable information

A new document is created, with sensitive fields hidden


Human in the Loop


Protect Sensitive Information

Balance the need for transparency and access to information with the need to protect privacy and sensitive data

Improve Process Efficiency

Reduce the need for manual intervention, no matter how complicated or variable the document or process.

Grow Customer Trust

Increase customer loyalty and brand reputation by protecting the privacy of customers.

Department of Defense Agency Uncovers 188% Increase in Efficiency

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