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AI-Led Automation With
Hyperscience and Pega

Combine Hyperscience and Pega to automate complex end-to-end document processing with better accuracy, greater connectivity and increased configurability

Pega EmailBot receives and intelligently routes emails for downstream processing


Each document is identified and classified into the corresponding document types


Hyperscience handles the extraction from all email attachments


Using out of the box or bespoke workflows extracted data is validated


Using out of the box or bespoke workflows extracted data is enriched

Pega case management platform processes the data, kickstarting the larger case workflow


Human-in-the-Loop Exception Handling


Better Accuracy

Save time and errors by verifying extracted, machine-readable data against industry database software without leaving the Hyperscience Platform

Better Connectivity

Hyperscience integrates with your existing systems and applications to streamline the complexity of your document processing workflows and drive a greater ROI.

Increased Configurability

Our intuitive UI is built for business users to easily set up layouts, models, and Supervision tasks in under 30 minutes, without added complexity or dedicated developer resources.

AI-Powered Automation with Hyperscience + Pega

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