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AI-Led Automation With
Hyperscience and NICE

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with Hyperscience’s industry-leading Intelligent Document Processing solution and NICE Employee Virtual Attendant (NEVA)

Documents extracted from DMS via NICE Robot


Each document is identified and classified into the corresponding document types


Data is extracted from documents, inc. structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats


Using out of the box or bespoke workflows extracted data is validated


Using out of the box or bespoke workflows extracted data is enriched

Structured data files (JSONs) sent to NICE APA queue for processing


Human-in-the-Loop Exception Handling


Comprehensive Automation

No matter the low image quality, scan lines or messy handwriting, NEVA’s integration with Hyperscience turns documents into the structured data you need.

Faster, More Accurate Operations

Customers can experience a 67% increase in accuracy of data processing, up to 10x faster processing time, and over 90% cost reduction.

Deliver Exceptional CX

Transform business operations, freeing up your employees to focus on high-value work and elevating customer service to the next level.

Enterprises benefit from scale, efficiency, and error reduction. End customers benefit because of the ease of transacting with the enterprise. Everyone wins."

Gareth Hole, Director of Robotics & AI, NICE

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