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AI-Led Automation For

Automate the detection of duplicate documents and pages with Hyperscience’s best-in-class detection capabilities

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Deduplication of documents and pages has never been more powerful. We deliver best-in-class detection capabilities in a fully integrated, intuitive interface that helps you analyze and review documents quickly.

The Flexibility You Need

Hyperscience gives you the freedom that rigid legacy programs lack. If you forget to upload a document within a submission, you can submit additional documents later and deduplicate them with the rest.

Increase Efficiency

Speed up time to decision by comparing multiple documents and pages simultaneously. Focus on processing documents and let our Deduplication software find the duplicates for you.

“We went from 5 month turnaround times to just 2 weeks thanks to our ability to process mail faster. Our backlog has never been lighter!”

Head of Operations, Citizen-facing agency

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