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Hyperscience, Plus Platform Bring Greater Efficiencies & Transparency To Mortgage Markets

November 22 2022

2 min read

New York, NY, November 22, 2022 — Hyperscience announced today a new partnership with Plus Platform, which combines the Hyperscience Platform with Plus Platform’s software for real-time access to mortgage data and loan documents. Together, Hyperscience and Plus Platform will bring greater efficiencies, transparency, and innovation to the mortgage market.

“We’re excited to make an impact on the mortgage industry with Plus Platform. Like many markets, the mortgage industry is mired in documentation—a single loan could contain hundreds if not thousands of pages. Processing these at scale—turning them into reliable, usable data sets—will drive significant efficiencies,” said Charlie Newark-French, Interim CEO of Hyperscience.

The combination of Hyperscience and Plus Platform will allow mortgage institutions to unlock and further engage their mortgage data and loan documents. Hyperscience’s Intelligent Document Processing solution is integrated with Plus Platform, so organizations can benefit from built-in classification and extraction of data from loan documentation that is accurate and automated. Extracted data sets are further enhanced with additional borrower, home, and loan data that can be used for downstream loan processing as well as enrichment of the underlying loan documents.

“We’re proud to be partnering with Hyperscience, whose best-in-class software allows Plus users to capture all the data from their existing mortgage documents. With those documents securely ingested, the loans become truly digitized – allowing all parties to experience the benefits of the rich data surrounding each loan,” said Buck Collins, CEO of Plus Platform. “This partnership enables an exciting leap forward from the paper world of today, into tomorrow’s world of the digital mortgage.”

About Hyperscience
Powered by machine learning, Hyperscience provides the most accurate intelligent document processing platform on the market. By combining artificial intelligence with a human-centered approach, Hyperscience elevates business processes to a higher level—unlocking actionable knowledge with unrivaled precision.

About Plus Platform
Plus Platform provides a global system of record, enabled by cutting-edge connective digital infrastructure. It provides a singular instance of loans for secure and efficient asset management and trading. Plus integrates with existing LOS and servicing systems, providing a secure, auditable, dynamic environment for enhanced recording and validation of loan data. Learn more at