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Transforming Mission-Critical Processes with AI-Powered Hyperautomation

Government agencies process millions of documents annually, creating bottlenecks that hinder efficiency. While legacy technology has struggled to keep up, a new era of AI-driven automation offers revolutionary results: hyperautomation.

In this session, hear from the Missouri Department of Social Services about their journey in transforming mission-critical processes with Hyperscience. Kim Evans, Director of Family Support Services, will highlight the agency’s firsthand experience implementing Hyperscience and the transformative impact it has had on their department. Joining her is Nelson Munn, former State Agency CIO and Senior Sales Director for Public Sector at Hyperscience. You’ll discover:

  • Real-life examples of hyperautomation improving outcomes and reducing costs.
  • Strategies for speeding up processes, cutting response times, and enabling more meaningful work.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn what’s behind hyperautomation and how to apply it.

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