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Why You Should Bring All Your Documents to Hyperscience

August 17 2021

3 min read

Variety is the spice of life, but when it comes to building a business process, variety can be the most frustrating part. The diversity of documents that enter the doors of your organization can turn best laid plans into best guesses at what to do next. When you’ve already invested in a wide range of automation tools, it can be disheartening to resort back to manual data entry for the documents legacy tools are unable to handle.

This was one pain point we had in mind when building the most flexible intelligent automation solution—which is why we pride ourselves on being able to say:

The Hyperscience Platform can extract data from any document.

Our approach to intelligent automation is powered by Machine Learning and designed with flexibility at its core. By wielding this new version of human and machine collaboration, your organization can optimize how you ingest that endless variability of documents.

Consider the mortgage industry. When a lender processes a mortgage application, they receive a cornucopia of document types like tax forms, bank statements, passports, and much more that contain both handwritten and machine-typed text. Despite that high variety, customers are expecting fast turnaround times. That contradiction between integral data and necessary speed makes errors and interruptions massively impactful. Afterall, a move in closing date could mean the difference between a happy or unhappy customer.

So just don’t make mistakes that delay the closing process, right? Easier said than done—and the data speaks on that difficulty, as only 42% of customers that purchased a mortgage were happy with their customer experience from the banks they utilized.

To limit the amount of mistakes, many organizations use data keying teams to manually process documents—a slow, laborious, and expensive approach for organizations with a high volume of customers.

By weaving Machine Learning into your processes, your organization can reap more value out of your digital transformation by enabling reliable and quick processing irregardless of the vast variety of documents entering your doors. Here’s how:

Easily Integrate Into Your Automation Ecosystem

Simplicity is key to flexibility—so we’ve ensured our platform is fully-modular and has all the features necessary to process documents from input-to-actionable data output.

  • Any Document, Any Data

On day one, the Hyperscience Platform can classify, extract, and enrich data from any document, from structured, machine-printed documents you’ve seen before to semi-structured, handwritten documents that are entering your workflow for the first time.

This flexibility of document processing is achieved by utilizing a proprietary human-in-the-loop approach to intelligent automation. After setting a confidence threshold you’re comfortable with, the Hyperscience Platform will act against it— automatically assigning tasks to humans or machines based on how confident it is on its understanding of the document.

The Hyperscience Platform can seamlessly loop humans in to:

  • Match documents to existing layouts
  • Confirm or edit a transcription for any document
  • Maintain all document processing functionality within the Hyperscience Platform, including QA, to negate the need for external exception handling

Better yet, the machine will learn and understand why the human made their decisions, increasing its confidence in future instances and lowering the amount of times it will need to flag a human in the future.

By evolving document processing into a digital assembly line with collaboration between humans and machines, you can ensure downstream data is accurate and actionable while limiting exceptions.

  • One Investment, Endless Improvement

Our use of both machine learning and deployment through the cloud ensures that your organization is making an investment towards a better, faster, and more cost-effective business process.

Out-of-the-box you can already expect over 80% automation at over 98% accuracy. As the Hyperscience Platform continually improves via Machine Learning, you’ll see higher automation rates at the same level of accuracy. This continuously extends the functionality of our platform beyond its pre-trained data sets, as it learns and adapts via the diversity of documents you’re processing.

Now, with cloud deployment, you can ensure your organization has the most up-to-date version of the Hyperscience Platform. Quickly adopt and benefit from the latest platform updates and scale with ease to meet the demands of your organization throughout your digital transformation.

  • Reporting 

We believe it’s critical for an organization to be able to visually understand where their business process is falling short, which is why we developed a robust reporting environment. From full control over the confidence threshold for intelligent document processing to where it’s asking for human help most often—you can use data to make strategic decisions on what works best, and what needs improvement.

  •  Easy, Efficient UX

Our product roadmaps are created and guided by a user-centric approach to intelligent automation. We test extensively and listen to our customers, looking for new ways to improve efficiency for users, increase the accuracy of our AI, and develop an industry-leading user experience that is intuitive and straightforward.

  • Pre-Built & Custom Business Flows 

Our customer experience team has built a wide variety of flows to enable organizations to easily automate their business processes out-of-the-box. For those we haven’t built yet, custom business flows are simple to build and deploy. Whether you require a section of your business process to automatically notify customers when a document is missing from their mortgage packet, or you’re looking to divert a specific type of application (new mortgages vs. refinancing) to a different team—the Hyperscience Platform can be tailor-made for your organization.

Fact: The Most Flexible Automation Platform Available

The key to an automation tool that empowers your organization is in its ability to help you make decisions. We’ve created a feature set that is fully flexible and ready for the future.

By automating towards your business objects and outputting the accurate data you need to make informed mission-critical decisions—you’re able to be more responsive to changes and reap the rewards of your digital transformation.

If you’re growing frustrated with manually processing exceptions to your business rules, it’s time to utilize a platform that can account for all of them.

Watch Hyperscience Demo: Redacting Information from Unstructured Documents