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Things Customers Say: G2 Edition

November 6 2020

3 min read

Customer feedback is an important part of driving our product – and company – forward. We work everyday to deliver value to our customers, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy hearing how our automation technology has helped transform our customer’s business processes. We’re excited to bring you a special edition of our #ThingsCustomersSay series, featuring verified user reviews from G2, a third-party peer-to-peer site for business software.

Hyperscience sets the new standard. Significant labor savings, increased efficiencies and improved data accuracy with data entry workflows.” – Matthew M., CIO, Precision Medical Products

Automating outdated back office processes is how leading companies decrease wasted manual effort and increase output and productivity.

Legacy Optical Character Recognition [OCR] products fail when faced with real world document conditions including handwritten or cursive text and skewed or low resolution images, requiring human review and validation to check data accuracy. In addition, character recognition is just one piece of the document processing puzzle, leaving users with text representation of an image without the structured information needed for downstream processes. This ultimately limits workflow improvements and overall efficiency gains.

Intelligent Document Processing [IDP] software, on the other hand, leverages AI and related technologies to classify and extract increasingly diverse data inputs for further processing. The Hyperscience Intelligent Document Processing offering uses proprietary ML models to tackle challenging – and common – document imperfections, including patterned/textured backgrounds, scan/fax distortions, and handwritten and printed text, with greater accuracy and automation than other solutions available today. It’s also more resilient to changes in document templates, helping to streamline overall document processing workflows.

Hyperscience is a powerful tool for transforming the way you work.” – Jennifer F., Intelligent Automation Program Lead

G2 Reviews On Transforming Operations

Customers who choose Hyperscience experience 67% lower error rates, up to 10x faster processing times, and up to 90% cost reduction with more efficient processes. This frees up valuable resources to focus on delivering better, faster, and more affordable business outcomes.

  • With Hyperscience, we’ve reduced manual keying – saving processing time and improved utilization of staff. – Administrator in Financial Services
  • Hyperscience is effective and accurate! We are using Hyperscience to extract data from documents and give critical time back to the workforce. Employees are happier and feel like they’re making more of a difference for our customers. – Jennifer F.

G2 Reviews On Ease of Use & Setup

Our automation platform may be technically complex, leveraging state-of- the-art AI and ML, but it is designed to be intuitive and simple for non-technical people to use. We know that automation works best with humans in the loop, and we take pride in designing features and functions that make the overall experience better for human users. This eases some of the pains that come with introducing new technology and helps propel widespread adoption and workflow improvements. One of our favorite new features is single click mode, which allows users to simply click on the field they want to identify [i.e. invoice number]. Our software does the rest, drawing the box automatically to save manual work and set-up time.

  • I love Hyperscience! Slick and easy to use interface. – User in Financial Services
  • The interface and front end usability is great and easy for anyone to learn quickly.” – Andrea D.
  • Product has easy to follow interfaces and allows quick setup with outstanding results. It has relative short development time to get the product up and running to allow immediate returns on the investment.” – Administrator in Financial Services

Our shorter time-to-value helps us stand out above the competition. Back in 2017 when TD Ameritrade was first evaluating Hyperscience, they were thrilled with how quickly our system was able to deploy and data began flowing through the system – “rare in tech.” Our ability to deploy on-premise and easily scale to handle increasing processing volumes was another plus.

G2 Reviews on Quality of Support

We take our approach to customer experience seriously, partnering with every client to help them introduce automation into their workflows, reimagine current processes, and maximize their return on investment.

  • Well managed engineering and product team and probably the best vendor implementation team I have ever worked with. Hyperscience is not a vendor, they are a technology partner.” – Matthew M.
  • Hyperscience offers world-class data extraction capabilities, supported by a dedicated team of professionals who are always focused on helping the customer to succeed. The product team welcomes feedback and values building a relationship, not just a purchase transaction.” – Jennifer F.
  • Awesome to work with.” – Internal Consultant in Financial Services

Setting our clients up with a dedicated Implementation Manager and Customer Success Manager sets the tone for the relationship and helps create a feedback loop with our Product, Design & Engineering team, ensuring they have input into our product roadmap and stay up-to-date on the latest upcoming releases and new features.

Want to hear more from our customers? View our latest storybook to discover how we help our customers increase speed, decrease costs & risks, scale with ease.