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Shining a Spotlight On Our New Sofia Office

June 3 2021

3 min read

Hyperscience grew 3x in 2020 and is on pace for similar growth in 2021. To keep pace with hiring, and to ensure our global workforce has the space and tools they need to do their best, most collaborative work, the Hyperscience Sofia team needed more space. After months of planning and decision-making alongside our design partners at Cache Atelier, we’re proud to share our new home within southeastern Sofia. Part of the NV Tower complex, our new office building is surrounded by a green oasis of parks, including Hunting Park and Borisova Garden, so employees can enjoy stunning views.

As our Director of International Accounting, Ina Georgieva pulled double-duty during the planning and construction of the new space. We sat down with Ina to discuss the process, her favorite aspect of the new office, and what excites her about the future of Hyperscience. 

This is such an exciting milestone for the Sofia team, and you’ve spearheaded the project. In what ways does this new office space differ from Sofia’s old office?

We’ve always thought of office space as more than a place for people to get work done. As we began envisioning the new office, it was our priority to create an environment that represents our company values. We wanted to create a space that makes people feel comfortable and productive.

We’re confident that we’ll be able to bring people together in more meaningful ways with this new office space. Like we’ve always said, people are one of the most important assets to this company, and we want to show that appreciation across all company initiatives, including the office design. It’s our hope that when one of our employees walks through the doors, they’ll feel how valued and important they are to our team and success.

What factors went into the planning process?

Three main factors went into the planning process.

  1. Providing what our employees want. What’s meaningful to the majority of the team? What will bring real value to their day-to-day office lives? We started asking our employees for their opinions early on. I loved that stage because we were shaping the concept together.

  1. Staying consistent with the company’s vision and values. Since we’re truly a global company, we want all of our offices to embody the “We are Hyperscience” mantra regardless of location. Whether it’s in 1WTC, London, or Sofia, we are a united company with the same mission, passion and values.

  1. Keeping our growth plans top-of-mind. When we moved to our old office in 2016, we were a team of 12. We are now a team of 70 in Bulgaria, with no plans to halt hiring anytime soon. We had to find a space that would be able to accommodate that growth while providing flexibility due to the ongoing pandemic.

What’s your favorite feature of the new office? I love the design of our all-hands area. I can’t wait to see it full one day! This is the place where we’ll all get together,whether it’s for company-wide meetings, annual kick-off sessions, celebrations or presentations. It’s an area built for collaboration. This will also be the space we plan on actively utilizing for external events, lectures and professional development courses. We’ve always been passionate about educational initiatives, so we’re looking forward to welcoming partners, students, fellow companies and friends.

Additionally, we finally had the opportunity to build a dedicated “kids corner” for all  of the Hyperscience children – from babies to school students. As a mother myself, I certainly understand the challenges working parents face in today’s world. Those challenges multiplied at the start of the pandemic. It became much harder to tackle work, kids and errands while simultaneously taking care of our physical and mental health. By investing in a kids area, we’re sending a message to our employees that we’re here to support them in finding work/life symbiosis.

What does the new office space enable our team to do? 

As a company, we’re on a very ambitious mission to change the way the world does business. We know we can’t accomplish that feat without attracting top talent, and I’m proud to say that some of the smartest and experienced professionals work at Hyperscience.

As an organization, we want to empower our people to give their best while developing themselves professionally and personally. If this new office space helps achieve that goal, that’s a testament to a job well done.

– Ina Georgieva

We also made the safety and security of our employees a priority and wanted to provide them with easy access to everything important to them. In addition to the dedicated massage/meditation/relaxation room we have on premise, there is also a gym, spa and swimming pool in the building. A tennis court and football field are nearby, which will hopefully be used quite often by our sports fans! Transit is also very efficient, as the closest metro station is only a two minute walk away.

From a design perspective, what were you looking to achieve? How does this speak to our local Sofia team & culture?

I’d like to think I’ve always been close to the team, and even though I cannot speak for 70 people, I was able to draw on a few unanimous goals that are the foundation of the office design.

It’s essential to help the team be productive. It’s easy and even natural to get distracted and lose your focus. With the new space, however, we invested in top-notch acoustic solutions and layout separators so that we can support people when they need to focus.

We also wanted to give people plenty of functional areas to meet and chat. Whether at the foosball or tennis tables, the beautiful terrace, or the coffee bar, people have ample opportunity to sync and engage.

Lastly, we are excited for the opportunity to work together in a more sustainable way. From the building materials, to the garbage separation system and charging station for electric cars, I’m thrilled with the results.

As we look ahead to the future of work and what it means for Hyperscience, what are you most excited about? 

I’m looking forward to the moment when we’ll get together again and be able to share moments as a team. Being able to quickly catch up with someone at the coffee machine or being part of a joyful team celebration are things I can’t wait to see and experience again.

Note: As a company, we remain committed to providing all safety measures necessary for our employees and their loved ones. While we’re opening our offices at half capacity on an opt-in basis beginning in June, work from home is the company-wide default until October 1, 2021. We look forward to sharing more about our future of work approach in the coming months.