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Partnerships, PnP Fintech and More with Max Lien

March 10 2020

3 min read

In February, Hyperscience traveled to Sunnyvale, California for Plug and Play’s (PnP) 2020 Fintech Selection Day. Plug and Play brings together the best startups, investors, and the world’s largest corporations. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, PnP has built accelerator programs, corporate innovation services, and an in-house VC to make technological advancement progress faster than ever before. We’re thrilled to join other leading tech companies that are part of Batch 11! On the heels of that event, we caught up with Max Lien, our Head of Partnerships, about PnP Fintech, what our customers and partners are saying, and more about #LifeatHyperscience.

What do you do at Hyperscience?

As the Head of Partnerships at Hyperscience, my role entails building and deepening our relationships with a world-class ecosystem of technology, implementation, and consulting partners, with whom we work with to deliver value to our mutual clients and prospects.

Why did you decide to join Hyperscience?

I joined because of the opportunity to drive massive impact – at a fast-growing company, at enterprises that may leverage Hyperscience, and in the larger automation industry. We’re redefining how organizations think about their mission-critical processes today.

Tell us more about the PnP Fintech Selection Day.

Plug and Play’s Fintech Selection Day was an energizing experience, during which Plug and Play’s network of corporate partners heard a multitude of pitches from start-ups looking to drive impact in the financial services and insurance verticals. It was humbling to be accepted into Plug and Play’s Batch 11 of Fintech start-ups. In my conversations with Plug and Play and their various partners, it was clear that automation is top of mind among financial services and insurance companies. From driving efficiencies to accelerating revenue to mitigating risk, these enterprises see automation and intelligent document processing as a critical pillar of their overall company strategy.

How else will Hyperscience be working with PnP Fintech? How can interested individuals learn more?

Beyond Selection Day, Hyperscience will continuously engage with Plug and Play to find opportunities to drive impact and value for insurance and financial services companies. Organizations interested in learning more about Plug and Play and Hyperscience should reach out via our respective websites.

You’re constantly interacting with our partners and customers in the field. What advice do you share with customers or partners looking to scale automation initiatives?

It’s important to first identify, analyze, and prioritize specific use cases based on potential business impact. Flesh out the current state business process and determine what the future state looks like, including desired business outcomes. From there, determine the internal or third-party capabilities best suited to fulfill the future state design with an ROI-centric mindset. Then execute the plan by implementing and integrating the end-to-end solution, as well as establishing the appropriate governance structure and employee skill sets to ensure sustained success of the project. Executing this project can be challenging, especially given the myriad of technology and service offerings available in the marketplace. Recommend leveraging best-of-breed technologies and service providers to help navigate the automation journey.

What’s a typical “day in the life” like for the Partnerships team?

A day in Partnerships is dynamic and multi-faceted. In the morning, you could be speaking with an existing partner about mutual prospects and joint marketing efforts, such as field events and webinars. In the afternoon, you could be negotiating an agreement with a new, promising partner. In the evening, you could be running a training and enablement session for various partner stakeholders to transfer knowledge about Hyperscience’s intelligent document processing solution.

For example, we recently worked with one of our strategic technology partners to deliver an integrated, end-to-end solution for automatically processing handwritten documents. Together, the client was able to classify disparate, poor-quality documents, extract data from them at high levels of accuracy and automation, and output the data for further downstream processing. It was energizing to engage with the partner and client to problem-solve and drive impact.

Your team is growing! What is Partnerships at Hyperscience looking to tackle this year and beyond?

Partnerships is looking to drive deeper engagement and relationships with existing partners, as well as grow Hyperscience’s partner ecosystem globally. Discover open roles here, or feel free to connect with me directly on LinkedIn if you’d like to know more or know someone who might be a good fit!