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New Hyperscience Release: Accelerate AI Adoption with Improved Model Training

July 12 2023

3 min read

Today, Hyperscience released new innovations for organizations seeking to leverage the power of AI. These enhancements build on Hyperscience’s belief that any enterprise should be able to access the power of AI without massive spending or hiring AI experts. By harnessing the possibilities of AI, businesses can better compete in a rapidly shifting market.

In this blog post, you’ll see how this new release helps organizations:

  • Accelerate AI adoption by helping non-technical users train AI models more quickly and easily
  • Increase the efficiency of back office processes by scaling the use of AI across your organization
  • Improve employee productivity and decision-making with an enhanced supervision interfac

Deploy AI Models Faster with Guided Training

Many of the enhancements in this latest version revolve around increasing the adoption of AI across organizations and accelerating time to value by offering the easiest and fastest machine learning (ML) model training experience in the market.

Training a new machine learning model is a time-consuming and error-prone process, particularly during data labeling or annotation. With this new release, the Hyperscience Platform will evaluate your training data and determine which data is of “high importance” for annotation.

This improved ML-guided model training experience helps users quickly identify the training data that will result in the highest performing model, making it possible to train new ML models in less time and with fewer data samples. This helps users grow in confidence when interacting with AI models, and paves the way for greater ROI from the Hyperscience Platform.

Increase the Scalability and Transparency of AI-Powered Processes

Most organizations experience seasonal increases in customer demands, leading to costly over-provisioning of infrastructure.

To help organizations better manage these increases in customer demands, we’ve added enhancements that automatically scale processing power* to accommodate for spikes in task volumes, reducing the risk of breaching SLAs and the need for detailed volume projections. When the workload returns back to normal, these extra computational resources are released.

This takes the guesswork out of calculating how much processing power you’ll actually need. Instead of over-provisioning during seasonal demand, you can now use modern cloud techniques to better manage increased demand from your customers.

To provide more transparency on the use of AI in your organization, we have added a new interface to easily track and monitor key activities performed in the Hypercience Platform, along with which user (human or machine) took each action and when.

Further improvements help businesses realize greater ROI from the Hyperscience Platform by:

  • Specifying different SLA rules for client submissions received on business days and non-business days so they can get work done on time to drive greater process efficiency
  • Adding support for GPUs, where customers can run and train new unstructured document use-cases on-premise

*Autoscaling is currently available for SaaS only; availability for on-prem deployments coming soon.

Improve Productivity with a Better Supervision Experience

Supervision tasks often involve making critical decisions based on the analysis of various data points. A multi-tag classification of incoming submissions ensures that the right tasks are delegated to the right people, and UI enhancements provide users with greater context during these tasks, empowering them to make better and faster decisions.

Having access to relevant data at a quick glance eliminates the need for manual cross-referencing, and helps users quickly assess situations to take appropriate actions. As a result, employees can make more informed decisions with increased confidence and efficiency.

Accelerate AI Adoption Today

Hyperscience’s latest release brings innovations that drive the acceleration of AI adoption and empower organizations to compete in a rapidly evolving market. By making AI models easier to train, use, and supervise, Hyperscience enables businesses to harness the full potential of AI quickly and easily. These updates also foster greater confidence and efficiency in interacting with AI models—helping clients maximize ROI from the Hyperscience Platform.

If you’re an existing Hyperscience user and would like to learn more about these enhancements, please contact your customer success representative. If you’re new to the