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Looking to the Future: Our New Company Values

November 29 2022

3 min read

Company Values

Next year, Hyperscience celebrates its ninth anniversary! Over the past eight years, we have built a remarkable set of innovative products that have helped our customers advance along their automation journeys and improve their processes to the benefit of their employees and end consumers.

Today we launched a new set of values that will help define how we build products and grow the company over the next 10 years. These are values that are formed from ways we have built the company in the past combined with ways we want to build the company going forward. These values will inform how we make decisions, how we work together, and how we do business. They will be the pillars of our culture that define who we are as an organization.

Values are best when they work together (a “set of values”) and when there is buy-in from the employee base. Our values were created with input and push from all parts of Hyperscience.

Here they are:

  1. Customer First
  2. Innovation That Transforms
  3. Work-life Flexibility
  4. Win Together
  5. Lead with Trust

Let’s get into what they each mean.

Customer First

We are here because we believe we can build software that will have an enormous impact on the companies we serve, on their consumers, and broadly on a large part of society. This sentiment was conveyed over and over again from the survey to the focus groups that were part of the process used to create our final 5 values.

“Customer First” generally means two things:

It means better products and services for end consumers. For one of our customers where we process millions of pages of information every month, we were able to take claims processing down from 15 days on average to 15 minutes in some instances and to an average of 4 hours.

At the companies we serve, it means better employee experience, lower cost basis and more efficient processes, future proof processes, and more accurate data and hence accurate decision making for our customers.

It also means having an intentional, thoughtful and strategic way of engaging the customer. What we do is seek understanding and search for common values and goals, and work from there.

When we say customers, we mean current customers and the whole potential market we can serve. And we mean our current product along with our ability to build what future customers need.

Every person in the company goes out of their way to identify how we add value to the customers we serve and will serve. We help them on their journey to automate and transform their business.

We also all have internal stakeholders, being customer first internally is also about a strong partnership and getting to the best outcomes by having a strong understanding of needs.

Innovation that Transforms

Innovation has been the driver behind everything we have ever built. It is what sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to deliver transformational value. It is what has allowed us to lead the market of back office automation, and in some instances to define new ways of doing business.

Machine Learning is key to what we do and core to who we are. We are one of very few companies who are able to say they take world class Machine Vision and Natural Language Processing and apply cutting edge technology in real world, value add, customer settings. And owning our tech stack is key to what we do. Many of our competitors combine 3rd party technologies in a hope to keep up with us.

We invest in critical business projects and future looking initiatives to stay ahead of competitors, as we build for current and future customers. Our primary goal is to revolutionize how businesses operate.

Work-Life Flexibility

We are a team that lives ambitious and full personal and professional lives.

Part of being at a startup is that we are in a constant battle to stay ahead of the market and our competitors. We’ll never reach the end of the week and have done everything we possibly wanted to do both in our professional and personal lives. We recognize that. What consistently came up during this process was the space that Hyperscience creates for the human experience and the roles that we all take on in life. We give autonomy and flexibility, and people deliver exceptional work in return. We also try to create space for everyone to feel included and heard. We are flexible in our approach with each other and care more about understanding one another than we do about being right.

The employees here at Hyperscience take novel approaches to achieving the most we can inside work and outside of work. This means we need flexibility in: degrees of autonomy, how we work with our colleagues, the times in which we get our work done, and the places where we work, as a few examples.

Win Together

Cross functional alignment and collaboration are key to our success. We can achieve more together than we can as individuals. We are collaborative and take a “we not me” mindset.

We assert our opinions with the customer at the center of our decisions to get to the best outcome for Hyperscience. After a healthy debate, we fully commit to a decision made even if it falls outside of our desired outcome.

We celebrate each other’s achievements and our combined success. We are there to support one another and seek to know each other and each other’s experiences and working styles.

Lead with Trust

We are all leaders of Hyperscience and are all responsible for our shared successes.

We take ownership and we deliver on what we say we will deliver. We do what we say.

Leaders look to hire and surround themselves with great people, and trust them to do amazing things. We trust each other’s work and expertise. As leaders, we are intentional about the way we approach others and give feedback, to ensure that we get to the best outcomes for the business.

Closing Thoughts

We are excited to continue to build Hyperscience with these core values at the center of who we hire, how we work together, and how we make decisions.