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Introducing the Hyperscience Platform

April 26 2021

3 min read

We are delighted to announce the general availability of the Hyperscience Platform.

This important milestone marks our transition from an early product into a robust, flexible AI automation platform for intelligent document processing. With this latest release, our automation solutions are now accessible within a configurable architecture that can be fitted to any business process, such as mortgage/loans originations, health insurance claims processing and property & casualty insurance claims processing. This is all while maintaining our core value proposition and differentiators of state-of-the-art document AI with proprietary human-in-the-loop integration, seamless no-code configuration experience for business users, and ease of deployment on-premise and Cloud.

In a recent announcement recognizing Hyperscience as a Star Performer in the IDP Peak Matrix® Report, Anil Vijayan, Vice President of Everest Group, had the following to say:

In addition to its business-user friendly user interface and its ability to process handwritten text, Hyperscience’s strong vision and progress made on its roadmap have contributed positively to its success.

The Hyperscience Platform represents the next evolution of this vision, offering AI solutions with higher accuracy and increased flexibility alongside our industry-leading document processing technology. This new architecture separates capabilities into Blocks, which are stitched together into document pipelines called flows that help our customers turn more diverse, complex documents into actionable data.

The Hyperscience Platform is comprised of:

  • Flows, which flexibly sequence Blocks to address your specific processing needs
  • Integration Blocks, which easily integrate Hyperscience with your existing systems and applications
  • Processing Blocks, which classify and extract information from documents
  • Custom Code Blocks, which define business rules unique to your operations

The following is a HCFA application document processing flow in the new & improved Hyperscience Platform:

Our customers are using these additional capabilities to:

  • Combine AI and business rules to perform data extraction
  • Formatting specific fields (i.e. date, address formatting, trimming unwanted characters)
  • Deriving new fields (i.e. splitting “Full Name” into “First name” and “Last name”)
  • Cross-field validation (i.e. checking only one checkbox in a group is checked)
  • Validate fields against external systems (i.e. compare extracted address to data on record)
  • Add data from external system (i.e. pull a customer’s full profile based on their ID)
  • Customizing the output file type (i.e. XML, CSV, custom integration to unfamiliar system)
  • Check for required documents within a submission
  • Routing to specific keying teams based on document content (e.g. onshore vs. offshore teams)
  • Routing to specific downstream systems based on document content
  • Make a business decision (NIGO/IGO) based on extracted information

This release realizes Hyperscience’s potential as a new class of intelligent automation, powerful and flexible enough to automate any type of document-heavy business process – both on-premise and in cloud environments.

Ready to discover how Hyperscience can help you unlock the power of document processing automation for your company? Request a demo today.