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Hyperscience Welcomes New Board Observer: Don Stalter

January 14 2022

3 min read

Following the $100M Series E funding announced on December 22, Hyperscience welcomed Don Stalter, Partner at Global Founders Capital, as a Board Observer. We recently connected with Don to discuss the appointment, his observations on the automation industry, and his outlook for Hyperscience amid the recent infusion of capital.

Don, Global Founders Capital has been an investor in Hyperscience for the last few years. What made you pre-empt the latest round? 

We’ve really gotten to know the business, the leadership and the team, and that process of relationship building, coupled with the sophisticated and hyper-accessible technology the company has developed, really gave us a lot of conviction to lead this round. I, along with Global Founders Capital, am passionate about finding businesses that revolutionize industries historically relying on outdated, stodgy processes—which is precisely what Hyperscience has been able to successfully do across many industries. The machine learning technology is deeply rooted in mathematics and algorithms with unparalleled, iron-clad security features that ultimately streamline both workflows and the UI/UX for its users.

This latest round allows us to double down on what we’ve seen and further support what we know the company can and will achieve in the future.

As part of this raise, we are pleased to have you join the Hyperscience Board as an observer. What impact do you hope to make? 

I have the pleasure to serve on several software and consumer-focused Boards of Directors, where I focus on helping to make the product even more attractive to a broader buying audience.

For those boards, and now Hyperscience’s, my goal is to assist in their expansion into more global markets. I’ll use my network and that of Global Founders Capital to make introductions and facilitate new partnerships where Hyperscience continues its hyper-growth path. I also plan to leverage the expansive security and privacy relationships here at Global Founders Capital to further advance Hyperscience’s already cutting-edge technology.

What is one differentiator for Hyperscience that excites you most? 

The core machine learning is more robust than any other business in the automation category. It’s fast, accurate and the AI tech behind it and under the hood is powerful while being easy to adopt and use on the front-end, which is critical for Hyperscience’s continued success. I also believe the durability and security features in the technology make it an incredibly trustworthy differentiator.

Hyperscience takes a human centered approach to automation. Why do you think this is an impactful and effective approach to technology?

Hyperscience’s human centered approach helps build trust with organizations and their users. For me, human centered automation is the only path forward for automation, especially in the workplace.

Software needs to empower employees. And at the heart of it all, it needs to improve the outcomes of end consumers. People are at the center of everything Hyperscience has built thus far and continues to invest in building. This totally different, human centered approach also means the technology can address a larger market that continues to demand stronger security and privacy features.

Considering Hyperscience’s growth momentum in 2021, like the expansion of its executive team, new office locations, completing its first acquisition and now $100 million in Series E funding, what is one thing you hope the company achieves in 2022? In five years?

What matters to me in hyper-growth businesses is that culture can come together seamlessly. With all the twists and turns of the pandemic, the CEO and the entire leadership team have built a strong community of employees that work well together—regardless of their locations. I hope Hyperscience continues on the people and culture-first trajectory as the organization grows and brings even more talent on board.

In five years, I hope the entire world knows Hyperscience as the leaders that they are and the minds behind the new category of human centered automation.

Many thanks to Don Stalter for taking the time to speak with us. You can learn more about him on our website and connect with him on LinkedIn.