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Half a Billion Pages Processed and Counting

September 21 2022

3 min read

A few weeks ago, Hyperscience crossed an incredible milestone in our young company’s history that I am thrilled to share: we’ve processed over half a billion pages.

Our software is used to reduce manual and mundane work. The direct result of every email, paystub, claims form, tax return, deed, invoice, bill of lading, check, or any other type of document that we process is either: faster processing times for end consumers, lower costs, a reduction in clerical errors, or improvement in decision making (oftentimes all of the above).

Every document that goes through the Hyperscience Platform means the faster onboarding of a customer, faster issuing of a mortgage or loan, faster paying out of an insurance claim, or the faster settling of an invoice, to name a few ways we add value out there.

The more work our software supports, the more motivating it is for our team to keep building and deploying great code.

Right now, we’re at the forefront of intelligent document processing and championing human-machine collaboration—both of which are paramount to making an evolutionary shift from legacy workflows to sustainably removing roadblocks throughout many broken processes.

Surpassing this milestone reaffirms our commitment to customers and society as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Most business processes, particularly those involving paper documents, are slow, extremely time-consuming and error-prone, often leading to data inaccuracies and poor decisions. These legacy processes not only impact employees, but the clerical errors and processing delays have rippling repercussions—e.g., the rejection of a mortgage or loan application or the denial of a disability claim.

These life-altering instances are happening regularly, but they are getting much worse and more frequent as requests continue to rise and the number of qualified workers continues to drop. This motivates us at Hyperscience to keep going.

We’ve found ways to apply machine learning to health clinics treating malnourished children, where data is collected by hand and transcribed into databases. Our intelligent document processing solution has ensured Veterans in need of assistance aren’t left waiting for three months to receive their benefits claims. We’ve effectively rid data backlogs and streamlined processing volumes by helping organizations digitally accelerate.

We achieved this major milestone through countless hours of research and dedicated code development, thinking outside the box and remaining steadfast in making a more significant impact on others.

The Path to One Billion

I’m proud that our team can achieve successful outcomes in the face of the increasingly difficult and complex use cases our solutions are tasked with supporting and the value we can add because of that.

We are a different company today than we were just months ago, but our motivations remain the same. In the months ahead, you can expect our ongoing efforts and investments to double down on intelligent document processing to enable more customers to optimize for today’s business challenges and tomorrow’s needs faster than before.

Onward to one billion pages and many more positive outcomes.