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Building The New Frontier of Automation

May 3 2022

3 min read

The life of a start-up is about how many hurdles you can overcome and keep moving forward. Can you code the first version of a product? Can you get your first customer? Can you debug that first product issue? How many fire drills or existential crises can you handle at one time? Can you hire that key role your team desperately needs? And the list goes on. As Interim CEO I am focused on stabilizing and forging our path forward as a company and while these strategic hurdles never really go away, they are an inevitable part of the endeavor to create something truly valuable for customers and for society.

Over the last few months our team has come together and recommitted to a shared belief that what we are building can have a hugely positive impact on the world, and that is what drives us everyday. For example, last year one of our customers was able to reduce its claims processing time from 15 days to 4 hours, creating faster response times to address their customer’s needs. Everyone has leaned in to help others get to better outcomes, which shows the grit, heart and humanity of the  new cultural fabric we are weaving—together. I’ve seen whole teams step out of their core jobs (what they like doing and came here to do) to take on new challenges with positivity and a supportive, collaborative approach.

A vast opportunity lies ahead of us here at Hyperscience, and we are genuinely excited.

We have a world-class platform, inspiring team and strong tailwinds to truly transform the future of work—and the way work gets done.

A New Class of Automation

We are disrupting a rapidly moving and critical space, building something that is grounded in how work flows through an organization today. By prioritizing collaboration between humans and machines, Hyperscience is unlocking a long-term, sustainable solution to worsening back-logs and growing unstructured data, which slows progress. Because we truly understand which steps in a process can be automated and which steps can’t, our Human Centered Automation technology is enabling a more symbiotic relationship between people and technology—with each fundamentally complementing and enhancing how work gets done.

Using the most accurate data extraction in the industry, Hyperscience’s Human Centered Automation classifies, validates and enriches incoming document types—such as emails, images, or contracts—transforming it into data intelligence. These steps, operated by the software and “supervised” by humans (as needed), result in more accurate, actionable downstream data that can be used by other systems or employees, to eventually make better informed decisions.

With fewer clerical errors and faster information processing, Human Centered Automation will create a more agile workforce that can more quickly evolve to keep pace with future market needs, and focus more deeply on the meaningful work that holds greater impact. By addressing this root cause to many of today’s most complex corporate challenges, Hyperscience is poised to bridge a variety of other gaps between human understanding and limited access to complete and accurate information.

This is just the start for what Human Centered Automation is capable of. We are building a valuable company in Hyperscience. One that will deliver impactful outcomes to our customers, our shareholders and society as a whole.

We are a strong and highly differentiated business with a revolutionary core product offering. Our goals are achievable and in line with market demand, and our hearts and minds are filled with what it takes to push us into this new technological frontier.