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A Human Centered Approach to Automation

December 3 2021

3 min read

Organizations across industries continue to prioritize ways to digitally transform their operations, looking for the resilience and agility required to keep pace in today’s world. Current automation approaches fail to accelerate digital transformation and to unlock human potential when it’s needed most.

Human centered automation represents an evolutionary shift in current automation approaches that’s grounded in how work flows through an organization today and how human work will evolve as the world becomes more digital.

Better Customer Experience

Faster response times and improved decisions

PDFs, handwritten forms, emails, and more connect customers with companies, citizens with elected or appointed representatives, and organizations with partners and suppliers. Manual approaches to processing this content are slow, expensive, and error-prone, leading to missing information, incorrect data, and untimely decisions with fundamental customer and human impact – such as a clerical error that denies an insurance claim payout.

Extracting accurate, complete data from diverse content types is critical to staying responsive to your customers and providing the timely – and oftentimes critical – services they rely on. Through human centered automation, organizations can streamline operations, improve customer service, and drive better human outcomes. Positively impact the lives of end consumers with faster loan approvals, streamlined lab testing, or quicker federal assistance reimbursements.

Make work more human

Future-proof your employee experience

Work is about more than financial gain: it’s about making a difference and trying to have an impact on the world at large. Human centered automation enables a more synergistic way of working: a digital assembly line where work is divided between software and your employees based on the needs of the task and strengths of each.

Free your most valuable resource from the repetitive tasks and inefficiencies that prevent them from serving customers and doing work that matters. Harness automation to reduce backlogs and accompanying employee stress levels, enable more meaningful customer interactions, and drive greater employee satisfaction.

Built to evolve

Easily adapt workflows and upgrade processes

Your organization is unique with a diverse tech stack and dynamic processes. Modularization and ease of integration are critical to maximizing the return on your existing automation investments and staying agile and responsive to evolving market dynamics. With Machine Learning at our core and our proprietary human-in-the-loop functionality that elevates employee potential, Hyperscience delivers automation that more easily adapts to business changes or unpredictable market dynamics – without disruption or the headaches usually associated with costly process roll-outs.

Manage AI risks

Complement AI with human supervision

Bridge the gap between human understanding and machine processing with an automation approach that complements AI with human supervision. By automating tasks and also automating the identification of tasks that require human intervention, our technology augments humans with time and higher quality data. The work done by machines fundamentally complements and enhances the skills and abilities of humans and vice versa.