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Free people from menial tasks with automated solutions, powered by artificial intelligence. View our product suite below, or contact us to arrange an interactive demo.

  • HS Forms

    Eliminate data entry work forever.

    HS Forms automates tedious and repetitive—but highly necessary—data entry tasks. Once a customer form is scanned, you never have to touch it again. It identifies the form, all of the fields and the customer’s entries with better-than-human accuracy. This results in expedited processing and response time, enhanced efficiency, and significant cost savings over time.

    HS Forms uses advanced computer vision techniques to process documents, identify content types, and extract the content.

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    • Higher than human accuracy
    • Scales horizontally to volumes of any size
    • Integrates seamlessly with your existing enterprise systems through customizable APIs
  • HS Evaluate

    Automated review of files and applications with human-like judgment.

    HS Evaluate is designed for organizations which process complex claims or applications that require evaluation and contextual judgment. Our AI software can automatically review an extensive claim file, eliminate duplicate entries, assess eligibility, and then deliver precise adjudication decisions.

    HS Evaluate makes decisions based on the current context while factoring in millions of data points from past experience to create a more accurate picture, more comprehensively than a human could.

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    • Machine learning algorithms are trained on historical application decisions to replicate the human judgment involved
    • Processes any type of document as part of the application review process

On-premise installation and onboarding.

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