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Processes structured and semi-structured documents, automating up to 80%+ of manual document sorting, data entry, and rekeying out of the box - with further improvements over time.


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Set up new document types with ease

Historically, even the most basic structured forms would be painful to set up, often requiring several weeks and valuable engineering time. Our simple document setup interface enables new form templates in minutes, and a faster, more flexible approach to semi-structured document types.

Navigate your document universe

Access your organization's various document types – past and present – within a single library. Understand and manage incoming submissions from business partners and customers.

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Learn from every exception

Use our Supervision exception handling platform to evolve from manually entering every field to overseeing a small subset of exceptions. In addition to providing guidance for specific fields, each completed task trains the models to perform better on your documents over time.

State-of-the-art reporting

Get a comprehensive overview and visualizations of system, workflow, and data keyer performance metrics at the document submission, form, page, and field levels. Document processing owners gain new insights into their teams and operations in order to continually improve performance.

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Extract both handwritten
and printed data from

Classify and capture data in forms with consistent structures, even in the face of handwritten text or low image quality.

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Capture data points from

Automatically capture and extract user-specified data points, even if the fields are in different locations or called different names between documents.

See our performance on your own documents.

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Powered by Machine Learning

Automatic Document Sorting

Reduce the need to manually sort incoming documents. Once configured, the system automatically recognizes the types of documents it needs to process and what data to extract from each one.

Continuous Improvement

With our products, exception handling isn’t just about giving the system a helping hand. Each simple task provides feedback that tunes the underlying models to perform even better on your data.

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