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  • HyperScience will participate in and sponsor the 2017 Datathon event March 20, 2017

    Datathon is a weekend-long challenge in which contestants work on real-world business problems. Participants will work alongside Petko Nikolov and Ivo Strandjev from the HyperScience team to create an elegant AI system capable of performing complex tasks on real bank documents. Winners will be chosen based on accuracy and creativity.

  • Outsource your boring back office paperwork to AI February 20, 2017

    HyperScience, a provider of AI solutions for enterprises and government institutions, raised $18 million in series A funding late last year. The firm is working on back office automations using computer vision and image recognition technologies to process data. Their solutions can scan forms, recognize handwriting with higher-than-human accuracy, and fill in all the data fields into a company’s enterprise system.

  • HyperScience, with $18m in Series A funding, offers AI to solve back-office problems December 15, 2016

    HS Forms, is built to replace the tedious task of data-entry. HS Forms lets any organization process large amounts of forms, and the AI can instantly turn hand-written forms or applications into digital text.


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