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Our roots go back to Sofia, where HyperScience was founded. There, we are considered one of the most innovative tech companies. You’ll find some of the strongest engineering talent in the country, including two of our co-founders that lead engineering efforts. We are also very active in startup communities in Bulgaria, as we often organize educational conferences to share our passion for Machine Learning. Find us right outside the city center, on the 9th floor of Sopharma Towers, Building A.

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I am happy to work with a group of very strong and talented engineers who are genuinely committed to the work they do. As people they deeply care about the team, the projects and the way we work. The engineers here are ready to walk the extra mile to achieve our goals. Their contribution to the success of HyperScience is pivotal and I feel proud to be part of such an amazing engineering organisation.

Momchil Rusinov
Director of Engineering

In the fast growing field of startups in Bulgaria, HyperScience has proven to be one of the leading companies that use ML. Through our educational initiatives and public presentations, we have helped Bulgaria's ML community grow and develop. Our strong engineering team and the product they continuously develop helps the company build its reputation as one of the best places to work in the country.

Ivo Strandzhev
Machine Learning Engineer

HyperScience is a place where teamwork is crucial. We try finding the best solutions and do this together. We know that it’s always better to have someone next to you and that most valuable initiatives happen when we’re together.

Hristina Koleva
QA Manager