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Enterprise-grade deployments.

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Your data, secure in your environment.

With on-premise installations, you remain in control of your data security. Our solutions also scale horizontally to handle volumes of any size, so large amounts of data are not a problem.

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Set up in days, not weeks.

By incorporating the latest implementation technologies and best practices, we’ve cut down deployment time to just a few days. No more waiting for weeks or months to get set up and see results.

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Modular solutions that fit in your current workflows.

Our products are designed as drop-in replacements for your manual processes. Simple integration points minimize the time it takes for your organization to realize the benefits of our technology.

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Thoughtfully designed first and last mile.

No two organizations are exactly alike. With deployment specialists who understand your specific systems and parameters, we can provide customizable APIs and architecture solutions as needed.

Eliminate manual touch points in your workflow.


    Mail rooms receive high volumes of incoming forms, which are sorted and scanned to create digital images of the forms.


    Forms then need to be identified and sorted into various types to send to the appropriate processing teams.

    HyperScience automatically identifies and understands each type of incoming form, and sorts them accordingly before processing.


    Data entry teams receive the forms and spend significant time keying and rekeying in the submitted data. Manual keying is expensive and error-prone.

    HyperScience reduces the keying workload and increases throughput. Teams no longer need to manually key in every field on every form, and only review a subset of machine-entered fields instead.


    The data often needs to be scrubbed and formatted before going into a database (especially if it comes from a variety of forms).

    HyperScience understands that the same fields can be called different things or submitted in different formats, and conforms the data to your database conventions.