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HyperEXTRACT Forms typically automates 70-90% of manual document sorting, data entry, and rekeying out of the box, with further improvements over time as the system learns from processing more of your documents.

[ Examples ]

For classifying and capturing data in forms with consistent and repeated structures.

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IRA Recharacterization


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[ How it works ]

  • 1. Clean up

    Incoming forms come with all kinds of noise and distortions, so the first step is to automatically straighten out and clean up the scanned images.

  • 2. Template

    Our document identifier technology then matches the submission to the correct form type.

  • 3. Transcription

    Once the form is ready for data extraction, our intelligent character recognition engine accurately transcribes both typed and handwritten text.

  • 4. Exception handling

    Low-confidence machine transcriptions get checked and corrected via our simple exception handling platform.

  • 5. Integration

    The output data from each processed form is now ready to integrate seamlessly into your existing database.

[ Features ]

Powerful and flexible data extraction.

Handle handwriting with ease. Extract handwritten text submissions as well as typed ones. Process checkboxes and and detect signatures. Accurately capture form contents within seconds.

Extract the data from the noise. Low-quality scans and other distortions cause frequent failure points in paperwork processing. Advanced computer vision and machine learning enable customers to extract data from even the noisiest submissions.

Customize for your needs. Configure for specific operational and business requirements with granular automation settings. On average, customers can see 70-90% straight-through processing rates right from the start.

Automated document sorting.

Know what's coming in. Reduce the need to manually sort incoming forms. Once configured, the system automatically recognizes the types of forms it needs to process and what data to extract from each one.

Tidy up messy submissions. Forms don't always come in pristine condition - they can be skewed, cut off, or crumpled up. By using machine learning to straighten out the forms, we reduce the need for human intervention to keep things moving.

Route to users and workflows. Forms with varying requirements, complexity, and sensitivity often need different teams or individuals to oversee them. Intelligent document routing kicks off the right work to the right people.

Smarter exception handling.

Use what you know. Go from manually entering every field to overseeing a small subset of exceptions. Our Supervision platform presents these items as a queue of intuitive tasks in a familiar data entry interface.

Learn from every exception. With Supervision, exception handling does double duty. On top of providing guidance for specific fields, each completed task trains the models to perform better on your forms over time.

Tailor settings by field. Different fields have different needs. Skip exception handling altogether for lower priority data, or incorporate validation and business logic to make sure you get mission critical fields right.

Simple template management.

Set up new forms within minutes. Building form templates has historically been a painful task, often requiring several weeks and valuable engineering time to accomplish. Get new forms up and running in minutes with our simple template creation interface.

Navigate your forms universe. Access your organization’s various form types – past and present – within a single template library. Users can also use the library to manage templates for incoming forms sent from your business partners and customers.

Manage versions and updates. No need to start from scratch to update your forms -- simply create, add, modify, or disable templates to capture changes from business and regulatory events. The system can distinguish different versions of the same form with ease.

[ Workflow ]

Work smarter, not harder.

out of the box performace image

Out-of-the-box performance.

We’ve trained our machines so you don’t have to. You get a fully functioning product that results in expedited processing time and significant cost savings on day one – without months of tuning and training up front.

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Continuous improvement.

With our products, exception handling isn’t just about giving the system a helping hand. Each simple task provides feedback that tunes the underlying models to perform even better on your data.

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See our performance on your own forms.

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