HyperScience is an artificial intelligence company with a mission to automate low- medium- and high-skill labor.

This mission has the exciting property of being very ambitious, while at the same time lending itself to immediate and incremental progress.

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We’re a team of experienced scientists and engineers, storytellers, and explorers.

We believe that by delivering real value to customers today, we are paving the way for an ever bolder technological agenda.

  • Peter BrodskyCEO and Co-Founder
  • Krasi MarinovEngineer and Co-Founder
  • Vladimir TzankovEngineer and Co-Founder
  • Tim KalimovBusiness
  • Andrew WilkesEngineer
  • Georgi YanchevEngineer
  • Ina GeorgievaOperations Manager
  • Ivaylo StrandzhevEngineer
  • Fatima RuizOffice Manager
  • Petko NikolovEngineer
  • Dimitar KovachevEngineer
  • Boris DaskalovHead of Machine Learning
  • Peter LeviEngineer
  • Ivailo KaramanolevEngineer
  • Ralitsa KolevaOffice Manager
  • Matt SchulkindEngineer
  • Stefan StefanovEngineer
  • Kristian TashkovEngineer
  • Stan IvanovEngineer
  • Akshaan KakarEngineer
  • Yasen MihaylovEngineer
  • Anatola HeBusiness
  • Danail KoychenEngineer
  • Burak CanEngineer
  • Swapnil ParikhProduct
  • Atanas MinevEngineer
  • Lilyana SlavkovaEngineer
  • Nikodim LazarovEngineer
  • Iliya TsekovEngineer
  • Denise PaikEngineer

Employee benefits with real value.

We are always looking to improve our benefits program. Here are some of the key features of our current offering:

  • The best possible health, dental, and vision care for you and your family
  • Life insurance
  • 401(k) 6% employer match
  • 30 days paid leave
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Dependent Care Account
  • 6 months paid leave after the arrival of a new child
  • Childcare stipend
  • College tuition for children of employees

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Invent technologies that solve problems humans can’t.

Note: We do not work with recruiters for engineering hires.

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